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Hi. Hello. Welcome. 

This is my safe space to embrace motherhood, in all of its glory and all of its struggles. 

This is my safe space to connect, to discuss and to share; to build my mom tribe and strengthen

my village. I'm so happy you are here. 

My name is Leslie Long, and I feel like my story is fairy beautiful in its unoriginality.

Once upon a time I was a young vibrant single lady who loved life and everything good about it. Then I met my equal in my wonderful hubby. We fell in love, adopted some pups, created a life together, and grew a family of beautiful blue eyes babies born from our love and fidelity.

There is something about surviving the first year with a baby that makes you feel so proud of yourself, but as it comes to a close you also start to yearn for something more, something of your own. Our youngest no longer needs me every minute of the day, and there is finally a little room for me again. I feel myself changing as each day passes while grow into the woman I want to be, so I decided to start this blog as a creative outlet to let my help myself blossom & flourish. 

I don't have all of my intentions for this blog figured out just yet, but as is often said, 'Done is better than perfect",  so for the most part I just decided to start and see where I go. 

Thanks so much for joining me, 

 Leslie (June 2019)


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